About Quest Imagery



Deirdre Hamill has been a professional photographer for more than twenty years. As a photojournalist, she has covered a wide variety of subjects, from major American sporting events and US border conflicts to immense historical shifts in Europe. In 1989, she took a three-month sabbatical to Eastern Europe and the USSR to record the collapse of Communism. Her deepest, most enduring passion is for travel, and using photography to evoke the sense of a "foreign" place, from culture, architecture and landscape to candid imagery of the people.  



Mike Rynearson retired in 2008 from The Arizona Republic after working for more than 25 years as a staff photographer, at various different Photo Editor positions, and as the Deputy Director of Photography. During his tenure as Deputy Director, he also oversaw the digital pre-press and scanning departments and the photo library, as well as the newspaper's quality control for photography and imaging, while overseeing a staff of 50 people. While serving as a staff photographer, he won numerous awards, while covering everything from Pope John Paul II's visit in Phoenix to the Ethiopian famine in 1984-85, as well as countless major news and sporting events. He currently teaches photojournalism, design, photo editing and multimedia at Mesa Community College, in suburban Phoenix.



Hamill and Rynearson both share a passion for traveling. Their odysseys have taken them all over the globe.  With cameras in tow, they immerse themselves in the culture, traditions, history, architecture, and cuisine of the country. Wherever they go, they try to blend in with the locals and experience life there as they do, seeking out a candid crosscut of culture and a slice of life of the inhabitants.