Monserrat, Buenos Aires { 24 images } Created 1 Oct 2010

Montserrat is located south of San Nicolás. The section of the Montserrat ward within the business district includes some of the most important buildings in Argentine Government and history, and was the site of the Buenos Aires Cabildo, the colonial town hall.

City Hall and the Avenida de Mayo
Avenida de Mayo runs through the Montserrat district, connecting Plaza de Mayo and Congressional Plaza. A block or two south of the Plaza de Mayo, the older section of Montserrat begins. This is Buenos Aires's oldest neighborhood and even today, very little of the cityscape there is less than a hundred years old.

The district's led central location and its presence therein of much of Argentina's governmental structure led to monumental construction over the 1910s, notable among which are the Casa Rosada, City Hall, the City Legislature, the Customs building, the offices of La Prensa (today the Buenos Aires House of Culture), the art-deco NH City Hotel (off the Plaza de Mayo), the Libertador Building (Ministry of Defense), and South Diagonal Avenue.
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