We're often asked for advice on what equipment is best when traveling. Here's the list of our favorites because of cost and picture quality.

We purchased the Canon PowerShot SX700 camera as a replacement to one of our cameras that bit the dust.  One of the coolest features is the wifi transfer capabilities allowing tranfers to your computer, tablet and smartphones. Since then the upgraded version is the Canon PowerShot SX720.

Our waterproof camera, the Canon Powershot D20 which we love, has been upgraded to a Canon PowerShot D30 is the upgrade. We  love Canon cameras but there many brands that are just as good. We also use a PowerShot G11 which is several generations of the most current model, the PowerShot G16. We've had such good luck with the G11 that we'll use it until it dies.  The G series features hot shoe for a flash, our choice is the Canon 270EX11 Speedlight flash can also be used with SLR cameras.